Posted by: nazli | May 2, 2008

what i know …

a father is defined by action and deeds, and not by biology and genes

my character is who i am when no one is watching

i am ordinary – perhaps unique – but ordinary all the same – and i am glad to be

the rules of logical propositions always apply to Discrete Math but not always to humanity

it’s mostly my perspective that defines my world

blood may be thicker than water – but blood is mostly water

if i do not see God in nature, i am blind

true love conquers all


  1. I found your blog. I am impressed that you write for and against any subject you choose and especially when it comes to religion. Not many Muslims look at the problems they have created for themselves.

    I don’t want you to post this comment on your blog. I tried to find your email address. I would like to email you.
    (I am a female and mother of two grown up children.) I also came from Africa, Muslim, brown etc. I will give you more info about me and why I contacted you in the email. I will also give you my website later ( not to be posted on the blog. )
    If you feel comfortable email me or ask your mom to email me.

  2. Los pedos estaban permitidos… u00a1Loor al gran Leonardo! Click

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