Posted by: nazli | February 5, 2008

The Perks of Perkiness …

Last Friday I heard, through the proverbial grapevine, that a couple of ladies (whom I had considered to be smart and friendly colleagues) had been saying how “lively” and “perky” I always was, even at 8:00 AM – and how it annoyed them! That hurt me. In fact, one of them had recently remarked, in what I had thought was a friendly, genuine conversation, “Nazli, you are always so happy”. And I replied delightedly, “yes, I am so happy to be alive”.

Now, gentle readers, my life is no better than yours – believe me. I have my own share of hurt that have cut to the core, and sets of obstacles that constantly need to be overcome. However, I am happy, for example, for my eye sight, for the use of my arms and legs, for being able to breathe, for my basic brain functions, and for what I value most – I am so happy for love! So yes I am generally very happy and excited – even at 8:00 AM in the morning. I am not a morning person, mind you – but I am bloody happy to be alive – any morning.These 2 women don’t like me much because they think I am always “perky”. At first I felt sad – then a few minutes later, I looked up “perky”, and here are the synonyms: “lively”, “vivacious”, “playful”, energetic”. I’ll take a dose of “perky” any time, thank you very much. Incidentally, the antonym is “lethargic”. I’ll pass thank you.

But I have faced this issue before, people thinking that my friendly nature is to be eyed with suspicion because how could someone always be genuinely “perky”. Well, certainly if the depth of my character is undermined due to my friendliness, there is nothing I am willing to sacrifice – except the company of such skeptics.

Ok – I am not hurt anymore – I woke up just as happy and excited. But coincidentally, I saw one of the ladies this morning at a coffee shop. Other than the mild “good morning”, I had little to say because I certainly did not want to “annoy” her. But it felt odd, not to be “genuine” and bubbly. Suddenly an elderly gentleman walked in with a Manchester United” cap; I forgot my melancholy act and with the exuberance I felt inside, I greeted my fellow man and talked about the best team in the world! It was as though Life was reminding me to be exactly who I am, and not to cater to the doldrums of negative opinions. What a boost to feel like Life is on your side.Here’s to all you happy, perky people out there! Here’s to the Giants for winning Superbowl 42 (Roman Numerals need not apply). And here’s to the hilarious “what is love” Pepsi Max ad, and the unibrow Planters ad. Talk about perky 😉


  1. Please accept my heart felt wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Nice sense of humor.

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