Posted by: nazli | July 14, 2007

… precarious …

. my drink of choice is diet coke with lime … thus I was carrying one into the office in preparation for a long day of paper writing. The can fell and the bottom bulged out. It will not stand, so the open can is perched against the wall and speaker, ready to fall and soak my desk of papers any moment! … precarious

… chocolate covered orange peel sets my blood on fire … that is precarious for the blood, wouldn’t you say? There is a love poem in every packet – if you ask me, it’s a bit off – even precarious to one who is reciting it
… went running yesterday, 5 miles on trail, along a lake, through fields of wild flowers and steep hills – nothing precarious about that – however, afterwards, due to lack of cool water in the vicinty, I indulged in 2 sips of non-alchoholic beer … now that was bloody precarious! the Beckhams are in town. David was dead to me when he left Manchester United. And apparantly Victoria is a load of laughs … perhaps not quite precarious, but certainly hilarious …

… media mogul Conrad Black convicted … whoa … notorious …!

North Korea wants to talk to “belligerent US” … yikes … egregious …?

… bangawoyo! That’s the friendly greeting in Korean. Talking of which, did you know that “mung mung” is the Korean equivalent to “woof woof”? .. curious …

… and OH! Friday the 13th! … my how nefarious! …

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