Posted by: nazli | November 29, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts … on being Thin, Overhelpers, and Patronizing Parents

Have you heard people complaining that there is such pressure by society to be thin. Young girls depressingly thin, models dying of anorexia, women suffering the chemical imblance of bulimia – because of “society’s pressures”. But if you bow down to the pressures of society – it’s on you. It’s your life, it’s your responsibility to think for yourself, to know what is healthy for you. Exercise, have fun, be nice to a stranger, read up on world news, help an orphan and you will find that society’s so called pressures may soon be meaningless.

The greatest lessons in life have been thrust upon me in the last few years. If I may share one with you; “nothing is all about me”. When I think it’s all about me, I will be hyper-sensitive, on the defense, too fragile to enjoy life. When I do not take anything personally, there is greater confidence in my gait, I feel free, I am at ease with the world and thus I can put the world at ease with me. The world existed and night became day before me, and certainly it will do so long after me. Society’s pressures? Gimme a break – you have your own life to lead!

I was reading an article about “overhelpers”. People who think it is their responsibility to save the world and to save you. And should you not accept & appreciate them as your saviour, they will take it personally and feel scorned. They may mean well but the final imapct is that they irritate people and are considered to be meddlesome and intrusive and judgmental. It is their way of feeling important and needed. Relax, the world does not ride on your shoulders, live your own life, enjoy it 🙂 and let others live theirs.

Parents can be like that sometimes. Parents who feel it is their birthright to overhelp/rule their grown children just because they are genetically linked. Why not enjoy your own life and allow your grown children to do the same 🙂

Borrowing from dear Oprah, who graces her own magazine with her own dazzling picture every single month, “live your best life”. These days living my best life involves knowing I am leading my own life on my own terms. That is the basic happiness that shoots through my heart. So how about all those in the world who do not have a choice to live their own lives but must live by “society’s pressures” and are ruled by prehistoric laws, and controling fathers and husbands, and gossiping neighbors, and economic burden? Well at least they should remind us that “society’s pressures” to be thin and beautiful is pretty petty.

Here’s to you and your own life – you are so beautiful – on your own terms! Much happiness to you!

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