Posted by: nazli | November 28, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings on the scale of things …

Earth is approximately 5 billion years old – give or take some millions of years. The creation of the Earth was in tandem with many other massive formations. As we all generally know our solar system is an invisible spot in our galaxy, and our galaxy is but a small part of the universe. We fight over a piece of land. I am convinced God doesn’t care about that particular piece of land much, given his current real estate.

That’s not the central theme today, however. I came across a professor who makes his class take a calculator roll – about 5 meters – and draw up a time scale of the Earth’s existence with respect to human existence – and with respect to the birth of the great prophets of the world. Guess what, in the scale of things, they are barely a pencil mark. That gave me such perspective.

Nuns are on the rise – and they have playlists and blogs too – who knew?

South Africa is the first country in Africa to legalize gay marriage – the thing about South Africa is that when they were racists, they were racists openly. When they decided to come out of the dark ages of inhumanity, they came out in full force. How many other countries can share this accolade?

Manchester United (the best team in the world) is number 1 in the Premiership!

My computer crashed last night at 12:30 AM as I was finishing up an exam for my class at 9:00 AM today – I couldn’t disappoint the cherubs by postponing the exam, so I walked into the office at the crack of dawn to rewrite the exam again – 3 versions.

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