Posted by: nazli | October 19, 2006

Wednesdays Wanderings … light & lovely things

Shout out to Beautiful Maliha, and the Fearless Mr. Angry, dear Caco 🙂, Totally Tom, Before Sunrise, Lovely Louise, Beth, Oh Joe!, Jeff, Fer, Candancim, the folks at Culture for All, Zee Ya! and of-course the Incomparable Dr. Sasquatch.

Red is my favourite colour! And ya’all know that I am a girly girl who believes that being fashionable is as important as being bold & intellectual in the art of fearlessness 🙂 Every Sunday, I scan through my closet and mentally plan my wardrobe for the week ahead. Often I forget my list and find myself putting together the outfit 30 minutes before I have to leave. Oh yes, dressing up delights me! Then there is matching jewelry (limited) and make-up (light) – oh I love being a girl! 🙂

So imagine my happipness in being able to purchase a red t-shirt, knowing that half of the profits go to Aids in Africa – and it is inscribed with “INSPI(RED)”. Tomorrow I teach lab sections of my class and it’s the day I dress casually to work. So I am going to wear my “inspi(red)” t-shirt ! With blue pants with turquoise necklace and earrings … ? Or with brown dress pants and red & brown necklace …? Such important decisions. Heels of-course. Gosh, I am so inspi(red) to wake up tomorrow 🙂

Hope you are laughing with me at my frivolties 🙂

Can’t wait to wear my gorgeous new CBGB limited edition – thank you, Baby!

Movie Recommendations: ‘The Lake House” – romantic movie that made me cry and sigh in relief at the endlessness and timelessness of true love

Music Recomendations: “Oh L’Amour” : Erasure – keeping with the love theme – why not 😉
The album “A Posteriori”: Enigma – I donwloaded this last night and it is simply enigmatic

from Fernando – (Jamiaca) “The Skatalites”: Occupation, “Joya Landis”: Midnight Lover, “The Clarendonians & Augustus”: Ruddie Bam bam, (Angola) “Bonga” Mulemba Xangola

Book Recommendations: “The O’Reilly Factor”: Bill O’Reilly (all in the spirit of fairness & balance ;-))
“The Truth”: Al Franken (the truth shall set you free, I hear)
“War on the Middle Class”: Lou Dobbs (let me know how it is, apparantly if your e-mail to Lou Dobbs is read out during his show, you will receive a free copy. I am composing a note right now)

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