Posted by: nazli | October 18, 2006

Sunday Sunderings … all cried out

Once a year, in involuntary introspection and self-evaluation, my mind rejuvenates itself. It heeds no other command from me but takes me through a reflective process that I cannot deny. Thus was my last several days. 180 degrees (well maybe 145 degrees) change in perspective. On Wednesday I was writing about the frivolous topic of “you must be kidding me” when by chance, I came across a documentary on Aids in Africa. Everyday there are deaths equivalent to 2 World Trade Centers – everyday. Just children who don’t have a chance to live because they do not have access to the few dollars that I use so carelessly to buy a soda. Then a documentary on the rape and killing in Darfur. I spent hours crying over Aids and Darfur – but crying is useless, it is action that matters.

Fearless! Ambitious! Bold! I like to think I am fearless, but it was essential for me to acknowledge that which frightens me the most. I did so these last days. I acknowledge what I fear most – and there is nothing that can erase that fear – except to be fearless. How helpful. Thank you for that introspective edge.

There is a debate and denial over whether or not 655,000 Iraqis died. That is the debate? Bloody Hell! (yes I am swearing – in anguish and disgust!) You have got to be kidding me! Ok – let’s halve the number, no let’s diminish that number by a factor of 100, in fact let’s cut the number down to 1 and let’s not even consider the nationality – and that would be a bloody loss of 1 human life too many!

My models for fearlessness are the following – my goodness – they define FEARLESSNESS!:

Bono: (Red) products – no politics just humanity

Zainab Salbi: beautiful woman helping one woman at a time and changing the world – no politics just humanity

Mohammed Younus from Bangladesh: Noble Nobel Peace Laureate 2006 – no politics just humanity

Anna Politkovskaya: fearless Russian journalist murdered on October 7, 2006

Red Cross: for reaching out to the “inhabitants” of Guantanamo – no politics just humanity

Watched a movie this weekend called “Water”. It is set in 1937 India, about the lives of widows, who according to Hindu customs had to live a rejected life in seclusion. This life-denying custom, along with the deplorable caste system still exists. Yes, I cried heartily while watching it.

Also this weekend we had a bachelorette party for my friend Jenny – and to be perfectly honest, I forgot all about world affairs and crying and such, and just had much fun with a bunch of crazy girls.

Fearless Movie Recommendation: “Water” by Deepa Mehta – this movie was made by the fearless Director, despite massive protests by extremists groups who were afraid that their deplorable customs of widowhood would be highlighted. Go Deepa!

Fearless Product Recommendation: “(Red)” – so I rushed to Gap and bought a t-shirt, half of whose profits could go to help a mother buy medicine for her children. My t-shirt reads “inspi(red)”. Oh, I am so inspired! There are also other t-shirts like “empow(red)”, “desi(red)”, “admi(red)” and get this “bo(red)”, “hamme(red)” 🙂

Fearless Music Recommendation: “Nothing In My Way” by Keane – the words say it all
“All Cried Out” by Allure – the words say it all
“Já sei namorar” by Tribalistas – recommended by my fearless friend, Caco

this is where we went canoeing in Upstate New York

this is where we went rafting in West Virginia

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