Posted by: nazli | October 6, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings … on Religion, Politics, and Prismatic Colour

So tonight I was invited to an Interfaith banquet. There were people from all faiths who started with the celebration of the breaking of the fast. I sat at a random table with Christians, Jews and Muslims, before which I had flitted about introducing myself to perfectly lovely strangers.

After dinner, which was a splendid affair, there were 4 speakers: the Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim perspective. This was then followed by representives of the 2 Senatorial candidates, Bob Casey and Rick Santorum. Oi vey, Religion and Politics …

The Jewish perspective mentioned that Islam borrowed the tradition of fasting from the Jewish people and made reference to the Day of Atonement – this to show the similarities of the 2 religions. He then chided the general populace for not causing an uproar against the pronoucements of Dr. Ahemedinejad.

The Muslim perspective agreed that indeed Islam was an extension, in many ways, of Judiasm and Christianity.

The Christian perspective spoke of brotherhood and love – and referenced the support after the recent tragic shootings in the Amish town.

The speaker I applauded the most – because it encompassed the concept of interfaith & humanity – was the Hindu perspective. He spoke about what was close to my heart. We should not “tolerate” diversity – we should “value” diversity. He uses the example; what if you returned to your room mate who said to you, “I tolerate you”, how would you feel? He also referenced Mahatma Ghandi who when asked by Christians what he would have them do replied to the effect, “help the Muslims be better Muslims, help the Hindus be better Hindus, help the Jews be better Jews, and we will help you be better Christians”.

Lovely night, lovely food, lovely talks, lovely people – but do you know what I came back with? The affirmation with which my parents had brought me up, “God-created man is greater than man-created religion”. It’s humanity that matters. I feel more than ever that life is short, so short, and I just want to live while I am alive – a happy, simple, lovely life with people who matter to me. So much to do, so much to see … what a wonderful world! I really am so happy to be alive.

Oh and I also tried to colour my hair – spontaneous decision in the middle of the afternoon. Perhaps I was inspired but the Autumn colours. Let’s put it this way, the results of “Brazilian Brown Prismatic Color” is such that my dark hair is as dark as ever! No one will notice any change and therefore I will have to tell people, “excuse me, I know you cannot tell, but I did colour my hair, prismatically in fact, thanks.”

Music Recommendations: anything Brazlian (Caco, Cristiana ?) … 🙂
Movie Recommendations: “City of God”: set in Brazil on Brazilian gang life – so vivid that you can feel actually feel the heat and the desperation and the life …

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