Posted by: nazli | October 4, 2006

Picturesque Mondays … say anything

During the premiership soccer season, I live for Manchester United games without logic or reason. I soar in delight for every wining goal, and for a loss, no words can console. The team makes me happy

…talking of happy, when my brother was 8 he wrote a poem and the last two lines were, “the dragon was happy, still in his nappy”. It still makes me laugh out aloud

…talking about laughing out aloud, I have this awful habit of remembering funny things at inappropriate times. For example, someone might be talking about their car problems at tedium and suddenly I will think about the happy dragon in the nappy and then have to fight the urge to not burst out laughing

…as for fighting urges, the month of Ramadhan is a testament to discipline and will power and committment. Imagine not ingesting anything at all, including water, from dawn to dusk. It’s formidable and the degree of introspection is incomparable. It is especially a time for kindness and warmth and friendship

… another shout out for my frriends at the Campaign for Kindness ! Just be kind. Why Not? To anyone, anytime, anywhere – be kind. Why not? But be especially kind to those who care about you. They deserve your kindness more than everyone … show them you care even more!

… in a lovely show of caring, during each of the last 3 years, 3 separate friends had fasted with me for a day each. One friend “fasted” all day after having a business breakfast … another “fasted” but had water during meeting presentations … and the third one apparantly “fasted” twice in one day, since he had lunch in the middle of day … 🙂 The thoughtfulness touched my heart

… talking about thoughtfulness and heart, last week, I received some flowers in a fleaker – they meant a lot to me and it was the sweetest start to my Autumn season…

… talking of season, hey here is to Manchester United’s winning season, for I support them with no logic or reason!

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