Posted by: nazli | September 24, 2006

Sunday Sunderings … on the Kindness of my Parents …

The Campaign for Kindness touches my heart.

2006 has been a defining year for me; in particular because I now define myself … but it will never erase what has defined my past. In my relentless pursuit of being alive on my own terms, I will not forget the credit that belongs to my parents.

My parents taught me about kindness – through consistent and constant example.

My father was very strict about certain things with respect to me – only A’s in class and no boys ;-). He spent hours studying my school books so that I could ask him any question on any subject. At university I would fax him engineering problems and we would solve them together. Formidable Father-Daughter Team. My father was so so kind & loving to me. So kind that I could not see beyond him. The most handsome, smartest man I had ever met – and I certainly the apple of his eye. For my overflowing confidence, the credit belongs to my father.

One Friday evening, an employee of his made a very costly mistake. My father was understandably angry. But after a few minutes he said to my mother, “I am feeling bad; everyone makes mistakes. I am so happy and lucky to have my family to come home to.” He then took the bunch of flowers he had bought for my mother and gave it to the stunned employee, wishing him a wonderful weekend and telling him not to worry about anything. My hero.

My mother’s priority were my manners. I regret to say that in my younger years, I confused my burgeoning confidence with self-importance. My father indulged me, because I was his little girl – but not my mother. She made me include unpopular girls in my group, to my absolute chagrin. She once made me apologize publicly to some irritating girl who had started crying because I would not talk to her. My mother told me that wht matters in life is heart and compassion. I did not believe her then. My mother cried with anyone who was hurt, and laughed with anyone who was happy. I have never ever met a kinder, lovelier person than my mother. I am that lucky girl to have been brought up by her.

In my relentless pursuit of being alive, I pray for boundless blessings to my parents. I am forever grateful for their kindness. As for that which broke my heart – they have brought up with enough kindness to remember that heros are human too …

…besides, my heart cannot really break … it overflows with happiness and confidence … what can be against me, when the Creator of The Universe is with me …?

… ooh and I found a dress in the specified green colour … 🙂

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