Posted by: nazli | September 22, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings … what teaching has taught me

… during my first year of doctoral studies, I had started teaching at a university – I was so excited about the opportunity – but oh I had so much to learn! My father had given me the good advice of emulating all the good things I loved about my favourite professors. In primary school, we could not use the word, “nice” because it was over-used and not descriptive enough. But I have found that being nice is what really matters. I am not always nice – sometimes I am irrational, inconsiderate and unsympathetic – my ego takes over and I think of only myself. But luckily academe grounds me and over the last several years, teaching has taught me that:

  • Say something with sincere sunny smiles – and you are winning the room!

  • Say anything with a raised voice in anger and irritation – you are so losing the room

  • The most aggravating irritating unpleasant person can be turned around – with empathy. The power in the words, “I can see your perspective, but here is another one …” is tremendous 🙂 You never know what the person is going through, but just giving them the respect of empathy, could melt them.

  • The ability to say, “I don’t know the answer to your question, but let’s look into it” is honourable and people respond to it with respect – I learnt this from Cristobal

  • Being judgmental and self-righteous are ineffective and unattractive – in fact it’s idiotic. I remember what a colleague on Wall Street often told me, “Nazli, get over yourself!” 😉

  • Sincere charm disarms adversaries and makes friends happy to have you as their friend! And actually it is lovely to be in your own company when you are charming.

  • Being irritated and short-tempered does absolutely no good to anyone – it increases your blood pressure, ruins your mood and your day, you make other people feel awful, the bad day follows you around – you don’t solve anything …! On the other hand, being sincerely pleasant puts others at ease, your mood remains sunny, somehow life seems fantastic – and people work with you

  • Being hard does not equate to strength – sometimes the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet are the most resilient and self-assured

  • Appearance sometimes counts for nothing

  • People can sense sincerity – or the lack of

  • Underestimating people is folly

  • Remembering a name makes a big difference

  • When people count on you – it inspires you to never let them down

  • You cannot always make everyone happy – and that’s just fine!

To sum it up, a winning smile and a dazzling laugh can win a day!

This leads me to “Campaign for Kindness” initiated by the Beautiful Maliha. I LOVE it! So ecxited! Let’s got for it. Be nice, be kind, be happy, be dazzling – it only makes you beautiful to be around!

Peace and sunny smiles and dazzling dreams to you!

Music Recommendation: Clay Aiken’s new CD – listen to it for free

Callas on La Wally Aria, Ebben, Ne andrò lontana’ recommended by Caco

Movie Recommendation: “Little Miss Sunshine” – sunny, crazy, ecclectic – but not ecclesiastic

“O Brother Where Art Thou” recommended by Caco

“Roma” (Spain/Argentina production) – super nice film, “Malena” – a very good one, “Cinema Paradiso” – well we know.. recommended by Fernando

“High Fidelity” recommended by Beth

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