Posted by: nazli | September 19, 2006

Still the Fearless, Still the Fabulous … Friday

Perhaps I could consider this to be the worst year of my life because the losses are irrecoverable, and the sources of disappointment continually unbelievable. But in fact it is simply the best year of my life, because I discovered what is worth everything in the world to me. That’s pretty sexy!

The lessons are too many. But a most critical one being that my instincts are unbendingly supreme. I second guessed myself, conceded to the illusions, ignored the obvious signs, believed the self-righteousness defensiveness disguised in goodness. But alas I see now … Isolated it would matter not, but in context, smashed my rose tinted glasses and the heart.

Perhaps I could consider that I am a fool – and I am sometimes – but so what … ? I am a fool for myself, and that’s sexy!

On a more essential note, have I mentioned the 3-day Human Rights Symposium we are organizing at the University? In particular I work with the team responsible for the politics and ethics of intervention in human rights – can you imagine how thrilled I am?

Classes are fantastic! Some of the newer students, not familiar with academic protocol, refer to me as “Miss”. Normally I would expect “Dr” at the very least, but given that this is obviously the year of reckoning for me, I realize how unimportant protocol and perception is in the face of basic humanness. I walk out of class on such a delighted high. What does a title matter to the elation of earned respect?

So today is my Fearless Friday again and I am going to win it – rain or shine, mortal or divine.
I could give up on anything in the world, but never on my relentless pursuit of being alive. What a year. What? You say it’s only September?

… and of-course my best friend from college, Kelly, is coming to visit for the weekend. Friday is bluegrass (do you know what bluegrass is ? :-)), Sunday is golfing, Saturday is anything revolving! Please do have a wonderful weekend!

Music Recommendation
“Cosi” by Vittorio Grigolo: it reaches me
“Sun Zara Soniye” by Sonu Nigam

Movie Recommendation:
Can’t think of any, off-hand – feel free to suggest 🙂

Picturesque AnyDay:

My ‘artistic’ panoramic rendition of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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