Posted by: nazli | August 31, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings … on beauty

For me, the definition of beauty is simplicity, vivacity, graceful confidence – and warmth! Perhaps lively, perhaps serene … but always warmth of character and freshness in outlook. I find flowers beautiful and in fact I remember reading a quote to the effect that a daisy is beautiful in its own right, it does not try to be a rose; it is just a beautiful daisy …

There is beauty everywhere … beautiful people, beautiful smiles, beautiful places, beautiful ideas … just beautiful in their own way.

When I was 21, naive and straight out of college, in the work place for the first time (a trading desk in NYC), I had a calendar which on Feb 3 had the quote, “peace within is beauty without”. It stayed Feb 3, on my desk, all year.

On Monday, I was about to be late to my first class of the semester (yes the 75-student one) because I could not find a parking spot; so I parked my car illegally, took off my heels, ran across a soccer field, made it just in time for class to hand out my syllabus which includes the class policy: “please do not be late to your favourite class.”

After class, I sprinted back through the soccer field (sans heels), retrieved my car (sans ticket) and thus started my Fall semester!

Hope your week is simply wonderful so far!! Wishing you beauty in bounty! Cheers!

Weekly Recommendations:

from Caco

The movie: “Kinsey – let’s talk about sex”. How open discussion can broaden our knowledge – a bit too far sometimes. Despite the fact that the movie focus on Liam Neeson’s character, I guess it is Laura Linney the one who actually shines.

The drink: “Porto Ruby”. Elegant yet fearless sail across the oceans with the Portuguese.

The radio: “Virgin Radio UK”. Listen to online to the Geoff Show Spot the ‘drunk or stoned’ contest.

From Moi

The movie: “My Wife, Maurice” – the funniest movie I have watched this year. Hilarious, frivilous, light … yummy!

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