Posted by: nazli | August 27, 2006

Wednesday Wanderings … on Tell Me Why?

when i was 10, i was gifted a book for my birthday called, “The Big Book of Tell Me Why”. i read it day and night; it posed and answered quesitons like: “what does a sponge eat?” “how are seashells formed?”, “what is pellagra?”, “how is fshion decided?”, “why is a four-leaf clover considered lucky?”

i would then pose these questions to my 4 year old brother, and since he did not know the answers, i took great care to explain them to him in my best professor voice.

though my small library is now replaced with computer science books and other seemingly grown up cultured material, I wish there was a big book to tell me why:

  • diet coke with lime tastes better than diet pepsi with lime? (drink water, you unhealthy girl)
  • all my favourite foods are fattening? (try living in Bangladesh or Rwanda)
  • i can’t have exactly what i want all the time when i want it? (yeah whatever, cry us a river, Nazli)
  • a new planet was not named, Nazli, after me – what kind of name is 2003 UB313 anyway ? (ok, you actually do have a point there)
  • will my hair not grow faster? (now you are just being over-indulgent)
  • does my neighbour Ron, with an 8th grade education, understand what Harvard/Yale educated politicians cannot? (since when do you equate education with intelligence and empathy, Nazli?)
  • the phrase, “i couldn’t care less” does not mean, “I care so much that I could not care any less”? (we really couldn’t care less, Nazli)
  • it is acceptable to have “black/ asian” magazines and “black/ asian” fraternities and “black/asian” clubs when “white” equivalents would be mired as racism? (now you treading on dangerous ground, you brown girl you)
  • when the “royals” of Saudi Arabia die they are buried as “ordinary” people in an unmarked grave – why humility in death but extravagance in life? (oh Nazli, you are too ordinary to understand royal affairs)
  • do people value the words of dead people who lived thousands of years ago, over the basic needs of poor people who are alive today? (you ask too many questions, Nazli, go braid your hair or weave a basket)

Eye in the Sky – Tell Me Why

Movie Recommendations:
The Green Butchers: Danish movie
with subtitles about 2 butchers who have a “secret” formula for success – healthy sense of humour required 😉

Music Recommendations:
From Fernando: “Lost Cause” by Beck and “There She Goes” by Bob Marley (great and simple songs)
From Beth: “Whole Other Bottle of Whiskey” by John Corbett

“Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap (good for any mood)

“What Hurts the Most” and “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts (country music at its best)

“Kabhi Khabie” by Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh (timeless Indian love song)

“Eye in the Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project (I’ve finally discovered this 80’s sensation)

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