Posted by: nazli | August 27, 2006

Saturday Sunderings … waspy fashionistas

There is a wasp in my apartment. It has flown about since last Wednesday. It even sat on my shoulder today for a few seconds before flying onto my laptop screen where it crawled leisurely, stopping, only to critique the spelling mistakes underlined in red. I have a wasp for a pet. I am not sure what to feed it, and it seems too polite to help itself. The next step will be to name it.

Manchester United won 2-1 against Watford, keeping my beloved team at the top of the charts!

I was skimming through my monthly dose of fashion magazines littered with glittering girls and one of the adverts for a perfume claimed, “lovely on the inside”. Wow, these magazines have a sense of style and humour too!

The Fall colours, according to InStyle are as follows:
fair skin – “monochromatic palette of steely blues & city grays illuminated with dusty lavenders”
olive skin – “smoky, haunting, poetic forest of grays, plums and mosses”
dark skin – “punctuate fall’s deep romantic hues with pieces in black”

This semester, starting Monday, I teach a class of 75 students for the first time. Usually it is 25-35 students – so I am naively excited 😉 😉

The most unlikely person reminded me of what I had instinctively known on magnetism and market value – I must remember it.

Received an e-mail today about this dashing, lively young man of 37 who was pursuing his personal passion of marine biology; he perished in the waters off the coast of Melbourne Beach while diving to capture the greatly elusive sea turtle. Reading about him was simultaneously heart-breaking and uplifting.

Who said the following:
“Whenever there is the possibility of an invasion, people unite and forget about their political criticism. I am sure you cannot impose human rights through falling bombs.”

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