Posted by: nazli | August 22, 2006

Picturesque Monday – under the same blue sky …

On my way to my office, I looked up at the sky – and it took my breath away
Panoramic view of the blue blue sky from two angles
An American sky … exactly the same sky over every other point on Earth …

Oh and bit of “brown” news .

“Suspicious” pair were taken off a plane – no details of their “suspicious” behaviour were revealed (oh come on don’t mind our feelings, admit it – their browness made them suspicious)

Family turned away from London Eye for speaking Arabic
(oh yes, you see terrorists only speak Arabic)

but on the contrapositive note, the 11 people charged in the alleged transatlantic terror plot are indeed brown

and by the way, i went back to the same post office today and was faced with a postal worker sporting a mullet; she was distinctly rude to me and only me out of the 6 people in the line. i stopped smiling and became cold & curt, but then i thought, “how could i allow her erase my smile and warm manners?” (the word is getting around, there is a brown girl in our all-white town)

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