Posted by: nazli | August 11, 2006

wednesday wanderings … opinings …

What in the world do socialites do?

Pose at parties in the name of charity, gossip about this and that, and hope that their pictures show up in magazines …

What made my so happy?
Swam in this river. Oh yes! Made friends with 6 year old Edrie and his 4 year old little sister, Millie – such gorgeous kids! Edrie insisted on swimming with us in the current and nearly drowned but JB gallantly saved him! Made my day and my heart swelled in pride.

What websites caused me pause?

Lamont vs. Lieberman?
Lamont won the primaries as the democratic candidate for Senator of Connecticut; Lieberman will run as an Independent – splitting the Democratic vote and potentially handing CT to the Republicans

A minor thing that matters?

A realization that matters?
Some things just don’t matter anymore, and some things matter forever

My thought for this week?
House of cards, Castles in the sky, Shattered to shards, Some fall some fly

Iran is exerting its presence – from Lebanon to Iraq. What is the message?
The author Vali Nasr has an idea…

Music Recommendation:

“Why Does my Heart Feel So Bad?”: Moby (courtesy of my friends, Caco and Before Sunrise)

“Sometimes My Heart”: DJ Rock – currently hot on my playlist

“Alive (Chai)”: Ofra Haza (Israeli singer who believed in humanity)

“Movement VII”: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Ofra Haza (the 2 worlds as one)

“B-Boys Fly Girls”: Lictenfels – for all the B-boys and the fly girls out there 😉

Movie Recommendation:

“The Gods Must be Crazy”: incomparable, simple, beautiful – set in South Africa

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