Posted by: nazli | August 11, 2006

Fearless Friday…

during the cold war, people who questioned the authority were considered “communists” and were blackballed and ostracised

the same on the other side – people were killed for their desire to live a life of free choices

what is different today in the “modern” age for people who question the authority? what is freedom with fear?

talking of fearlessness – the terror tip of the transatlantic flights came from a muslim – despite my misgivings about institutionalized religion, this is an example of fearlessness in peace

while I believe in no religion except that of my own conscience, i question the value of further alienating moderate muslims – better they be friends in peace than “bristling” with insult ….

true freedom comes with fearlessness from within – do you agree? grace, fearlessness, compassion, intelligence, consideration, humanity, civil rights, respect for all life, understanding, heart … freedom …

good to see you! wishing you a fearless friday! 😉


  1. Moderate Muslism are the key to stopping the goals of militant Islam. There is no alienation of moderate Muslim, because they too understant what it is going to take to defeat Islamism (militant Islam).

    Read Dr. Jasser’s (moderate Muslim) 3 part article here:

  2. Dr. Jasser, your point is well taken

  3. ldspatriot – your point is well taken, tambien
    thank you

  4. Salamaat,
    I am really uneasy with the term “moderate” Muslim. What does it mean? Is the equivalent of “uncle tom” Muslim? A half practicing one?

    I am not sure what it exactly entails. For one who really understands the religion; the search and yearning for peace is part and parcel of it.

    Moderation/extremism has little to do with the faith itself and everything with the political climate/oppression/repression that nurtures grounds for violence.

    just my useless two cents. Thanks for your nice comment on me blog:)

  5. Maliha,

    I see what you are saying … that is a very good point and gives me reason to rethink my own definition

    best regards

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