Posted by: nazli | July 31, 2006

Sunday Sunderings … “getting to yes”

Critics say a root cause of the continued Middle East bloodshed conflict is that one side is given free reign to do as they need to protect and defend themselves … while the other side is branded as terrorists. In my humble opinion, because i have the luxury of thought from an ocean away, under those terms and definition, there will never be any peace at all.

The best way to reach a sustainable argreement to truly understand the other viewpoint. The book, “Getting to Yes”, postulates to this effect. Understanding the other perspective is not as selfless or as altruistic as you may think. When one party (A) tries to understand the viewpoint of the other party (B):

1. B will recognize and appreciate the efforts of A and will then be more open to understanding B’s point of view
2. in recognizing and understanding B, A may have a renewed/ enlightened/ empathetic feeling towards the situation
3. now we have both sides who are open and willing to work towards a mutually beneficialy (and human) solution because each has a level of trust that they are both working towards a common and fair goal.

Currently there is obvious bias in the Middle East crisis and this only fuels the hatred and intolerance. Favouring one side, without concern for the massive loss of human lives, will never bring about “lasting peace”. Instead it will rally the forces.

I am no diplomat and my dealings with Israelies and Arabs are minimal, but I simply refuse to see people as Israeli/Jewish or Arab/ Muslim. They are humans, just like me, and I grieve for any loss of innocent life – irrespective of the side – because the ground in which they are buried doesn’t know the difference between black/ white or Muslim/ Jew/ Christian/ Sabian or man/ woman/ child. Truly I grieve.

(the pictures appear disturbing – but it is the inhumanity of the situation that is, in fact, disturbing)

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