Posted by: nazli | July 29, 2006

Fearless Fridays … and Fearless Tuesdays Too

It is hot and about to rain and thunderstorm here in the East Coast of the United States. This afternoon I was having lunch overlooking an open golf course and the wind was so strong it blew potato chips from my plate onto that of my colleague. I was not sure whether to aplogize since I actually have no control over the wind. Additionally, I thought it may be rude to take back the chips, which I did not want anyway, so I simply smiled and commented with studied nonchalence, on the state of world affairs.Now, if you recall, I mentioned that I only have one superstition; I do not wear red on Tuesdays. This terrible tradition began 10 years ago when I an awful day. I had been wearng red, my favourite colour. If I think about it carefully, it was actually a Monday, and not a Tuesday. So why develop a mad “no red Tuesday supersition”? Beats me. So this week, because I am “fearless” ;-), I decided to be brave and wear a red summer dress on Tuesday and free myself of this travesty! Yes I did! I waited all day, in my red summer dress – and other than the few compliments I received, nothing happened. So I am finally free! Yes I am free!

Al Qaeda and Madonna have something crucial in common. No, I don’t mean choice of odd outfits or love of media attention – though those similarities cannot be denied. They redefine themselves to suit their current cause. E.g. Al Qaeda exploits every opportunity to appear to take on the cause of the underdog Arab, redefining itself as the liberators of oppression. The current Israel/ Hezbollah offensive will be a cause for them. Do you disagree?

Purple is underrated. But what in the world does “purple rain” mean?

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