Posted by: nazli | July 24, 2006

Sunday Sunderings … on Miss Universe and Floyd Landis

Today is my favourite day of the year.

For Sunday Sunderings, I am keeping it light … oh yes, I watched the Miss Universe contest every year – for reasons only a girly girl could understand ;-). Predictably South Americas, India, USA make it to the top 15 most years and then after that I am not at all sure on what criteria the winner is chosen because most of the answers appear scripted and unbelievable but they all look incredibly beautiful. Miss Universe 2000 and Miss Universe 1997, Lara Dutt and Brooke Lee, respectively, were exceptional; articulate,dazzlling, confident, elegant and certainly beautiful.

The Miss USA contestant said her weakness was carrying her heart on her shoulders and caring too much about others … The top 3 contestant were Switzerland, Japan, and Puerto Rico and I was convinced that Miss Japan would win since she was articulate, could speak several languages and was very confident. But Miss Puerto Rico won and I am losing no sleep over it. The best part of this year’s Miss Universe competition were the musical performers: Vittorio Grigolo and Chelo.

Floyd Landis is the winner of Tour de France 2006. What a spectacular achievement! He hails from Eastern Pennsylvania and comes from a Menonite family – they have strict values and he broke from that at the age of 20 to be who he wanted to be. Read the SI article for further insight. A church member said of him: “We are disappointed with the lifestyle he lives, but I love him as a friend and care about him.”

Disappointed??? Floyd Landis chose the lifestyle of a winner – he trained hard for half his life to be where he is today – on his own terms. He touches and inspires millions of people worldwide – so how exactly is he disappointing?
And my perspective on a question posed below: I have been absorbing BBC History magazine lately, and it appears that often it is blind religious fervour and undue self-righteousness, at the expense of doing the right thing, that renders a superpower, powerless. This is true of people on an indivual scale too, n’est pas?

Wishing you a winning week ahead!


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