Posted by: nazli | July 24, 2006


(I suspect we all have our own answers to these questions)

Why does English have to be the official language of the USA?

Why are the civilian deaths of some countries more devastating and important than the mounting civilian deaths of other countries? What if it was you and yours?

Iran/ Syria/ South Korea are cited as the axis of evil – what exacly is the definition of ‘evil’?

If you read history – Mesopotamia, the land between the 2 rivers – (currently known as Iraq) has been called the ‘cradle of civilization’ because agriculture, animal herding and domestication developed there earlier than anywhere else, almost 8,000 years ago. And by 3,000 BC, the Mesopotamians had already invented the wheel, developed writing, and created the world’s first cities and monumental architecture. So the question is – whose civilization is it anyway?

Preemption is legal and self-defence is legal – as long as you are on the “right” side – because preemption is actually illegal and self-defence is actually illegal – if you are on the wrong side. Yes?

What can render a superpower, powerless?

What can convert a worhsipped champion to a cold & cruel, yet pathetic & ineffective bully?

Why can some not pronounce ‘Nazli’? Two syllables: ‘naz’ and ‘lee’. Easier than ‘Penelope’ or ‘Shaniqua’ or ‘Hyacinth’ or “Mary-LouAnn’ or ‘Siobahn’… (yes I am laughing)

Why can I not always remember that tomorrow is not promised to me, and today is my time to be alive?


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