Posted by: nazli | July 24, 2006

Minor Things That Matter

When I was growing up in Zimababwe, there was a lovely tale that ladybirds are good luck and my little friends and I would run about the playground looking for them. This morning I was sitting upstairs and from nowhere I know, there was a ladybird on the carpet next to me. It is a minor thing – but it matters … as do:

The Fanta advert – “wanna fanta, don’t you wanna fanta”? – have you watched this advert? It’s minor, but it matters because it makes me laugh

Amnesty International- it’s “minor” but it matters majorly

This wish bracelet I am wearing – my friend bought it in Buffalo – when the bracelet falls off, my wish will come true. What did I wish for? 😉 Something minor, but it matters to me

10:00 PM Summer evening that feel like 6:00 PM – lifts my heart

Warmth in words from worlds away

Cotton summer dresses … matching heels … pretty earrings … (I did say minor things that matter ;-))

Reading ‘History Magazine’ on the porch


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