Posted by: nazli | July 24, 2006

Illusion or Ignorance or Idiocy

This is a poster I saw last week at Philadelphia International Airport and I apparently blocked traffic as I took the photo. “Excuse me ma’am, you are impeding passengers from reaching their gates”.

Current iTunes Playlist includes:
“Extraordinary Ways”: Conjure One – this song is about having an priceless gift …
“Just Be”: DJ Tiesto – the title says it all
“Olo Lipis”: Despina Vandi – Greek superhit
“Promiscuous”: Nelly Furtado & Timbaland – hey it’s all in the beat!
“Bohemian Rhapsody”: Queen – Galilleo, Figaro, Magnifico. Incomparable!
“Faith”: George Michael – my friends and I used to sing along to this in high school and I had no idea what the words meant – sounded reasonable to me though – ‘ you gotta have faith’, right 😉

Current DVDs on sight:
“Love Actually” – atually I watched this when it was first released – and I loved it, actually
“The Libertine” – anything implying liberty is worth watching


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