Posted by: nazli | May 20, 2006

Flora Friday

As some of you have gathered, I am an avid academic. I really did love every day of high school 🙂 , and graduate school made me the person I am mean to be. So today when I had the opportunity to have a live lecture from a professor with an expertise on Plant Systematics & Phylogenetics, well I was right fascinated!

This is what I learnt:

(I picked up some exhibits – one must follow some scientific process afterall)
Exhibit A: birch leaf – the branch tastes like wintergreen – used to make birch beer

Exhibit B: notice the different shapes of the leaves from the same stem – one, two (like oven mittens), three. This is sassafras: smells delicious. It is of the same family as the avocado tress, cinnamon, and bay leaf. Interestingly cinnamon is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, whereas sassafras is indigenous to North America

Exhibit C: honeysuckle – just a sweet pretty plant – my most beautiful fragrance

Exhibit D: wild roses – indigenous to Asia – and so pretty

Exhibit E: princess tree/ empress tree. Pretty purple flowers, light smell. The wood is white and very valuable

Exhibit F: black locust – beautiful fragrance, has thorns, grows on high trees, our ertswhile expert climbed the tree for this sample

wild grape vines are indigenous to North America (picture below is wild grape vine growing on tulip trees)
green plants actually have many colors, but the chlorophyll overpowers the other colors and thus we see the green. However, in the Autumn, when the chlorophyll is stripped away we see the other colors like red, orange, yellow

mangoes and poison ivy are from the same family – therefore some people are allergic to mangoes (not me – I love mangoes)

tulip trees are from the same family as magnolia and are indigenous to North America

tulip tree (to the left)

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