Posted by: nazli | May 4, 2006

perfect shade

there is something about the perfect shade of lipstick that sets the tone of my day …

while Cheney reprimands Putin for being led astray by oil, and women become Muslim preachers, and the civilized world rallies against Persia, I ponder for a bit on what color will make my day today …

berry-licious (light burgundy)
appeal (mauve burgundy)
boysen-berry (burgundy)
shimmer glimmer (light burgundy with glimmer)
monlight rumour (light burgundy)
pink ice nice (pink with light glitter, and a hint of burgundy)
ruby rose (velvet burgundy)
dvine wine (sheer burgundy)
exotika (pure burgundy)
burgundy (maroon)

I think I will go with the ….


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