Posted by: nazli | April 21, 2006

walking in my own shoes

Looking good is important – and feeling good is even more important – but to aid that desirable aim, it is necessary to dress the part and act the part and feel the part ….

All good … so today is Friday, a perfect day to sport a summer dress: brown and teal summer dress. I matched it wtih teal earrings and teal bracelet … all good … now the shoes – I thought why not a brownish number?

all good … then at 2:00 PM after a busy morning at the office I was preparing to go to the next meeting when I casually glanced at my feet … my right foot had shoes that matched my outfit – my left foot had shoes that matched my outfit – all good … except that the left and right shoes were not matching.

I stared in utter disbelief and mild shock at the two mismatched shoes – until I just had to burst out laughing! Hey looking good is great but feeling good is everything!

Do have a fantastic weekend!



  1. A soul sister of the Mismatched Shoe Clan…
    I did this too! I did this too! Like you I didn’t discover the mismatched brown shoes until at work…oh the hilarious horror!–>

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