Posted by: nazli | February 13, 2006

National Geographic on Love

The National Geographic is a must-read every month, despite the Internet’s reach of information, mostly because I am enchanted to read of cultures and countries from a people-perspective. And I pore through the maps of the universe and skies and the waters in sheer wonder.

So this month I was mildly surprise to see that their feature story was on Love – though it is February after all. The article was good – however, the note from the Editor, Chris Jones, caught my attention:

“To be madly in love could be exactly that – madness….People experiencing romantic love, it turns out, have a chemical profile in their brains similar to people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Love blurs the line between mental health and psychopathology.

Still, we can’t resist the siren’s song, and science has an explanation for that too. Love, it seems lights up certain areas of the brain and releases chemicals that provoke hyperactivity, recklessness and exhilaration. That’s why, spellbound lovers stay up all night to see the sunrise, take extraordinary risks to see each other or, as Britain’s Edward VIII did, throw a whole country aside for “the woman I love.” Love can be dangerous.

A counterweight to the heavy sorrows of the world, love is a joyful part of life…Science can explain how love affects the brain – but not the mystery of how it affects the heart.”

I respect the brilliance of science & research, the power of logic & reasoning, the beauty of the classics & poetry…but they are all simply out-matched…


  1. could the issue be celebrating Valentines Day in some way?

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