Posted by: nazli | February 13, 2006

Locks of Love

This morning I came across a girl who had cut her long hair short – it looked fashionable and lovely and I complimented it such.

Since I too had cut my hair recently, I felt a certain camaraderie. But then she mentioned that that she had donated her hair to “locks of love“. And in fact she grew her hair to do just this – and had done so 3 times.

This lovely young girl made my day – what a fantastic gal to have such a lovely, big heart – to have such compassion for others and to act accordingly. And of-course it reminded to me of what I clearly needed to remember…

In my relentless pursuit of being alive – I have been appropriately reminded – by the actions of a warm, comapssion, sweet, lovely person with a heart of gold.



  1. It’s a great organization and there are many salons that give you a free haircut if you donate more than a certain amount of hair. I donated hair a few years ago…

  2. Thanks for the information đŸ™‚ I will put up the link. Good on you for donating – I am so inspired by people with such warm hearts.


  3. NAZLI,
    are u turkish?

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