Posted by: nazli | February 8, 2006

My friend Bonnie

Bonnie is the Secretary in the Department of Computer Science – and in my opinion, what she has is of greater value than all the doctorates of the Department combined.

She epitomizes human qualities that are priceless – she is true to her word, she is true to herself, she is true to her children and husband, true to her work. She is100% solid!

She is not complicated – and that is the loveliest quality. She works hard from 8-4 and then it’s her time with her family. She is kind and thoughtful in words to students, strangers, and professors alike – she feels what others miss…and she rides a Harley Davidson.

So in my relentless pursuit of being alive, I salute my friend Bonnie, who reminds me that when you know who you are, when you know what makes you happy, when you know what you are made of – that is the foundation of being truly alive!

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