Posted by: nazli | February 7, 2006

my shoe broke!

The high heel snapped in half as I was speaking to a colleague. What is a fashionista to do, with meetings all day, and a ego to save?

Cellotape and lots of laughter to the rescue!

When I inquired about glue – the Computer Science Department had only paper glue and even wood glue, but no all purpose super glue. I was even helpfully offered a stapler and also a rope. The rope had me in knots of laughter. Ultimately the cellotape in my office bound the sorry facade of a heel.

I remember at my first job out of university – at an international bank – my heel snapped in half on the second day – but thankfully I had sport shoes in my gym bag, Posh suit and sport shoes – at least I made an impresion

Then once I was out with friends, and thinking I was the queen of the world, and my heel snapped in half – quick detour into the the store before the restaurant – and I was queen of the world again

And at the beach one summer, the heel snapped on the train, for no reason

Not to mention the time I was 10 and at a birthday party and thinking I was the princess of the world (starts early), and my heel broke and I sat with my dad all afternoon

And a few years ago, I was presenting an event at Madison Square Garden in NYC – and – you guessed it, my heel broke

(all these are different shoes by the way)

So given this heely history one would think I would have an extra pair of foot wear in my car, office, handbag, pocket etc. Alas, no – so off the meeting I go, with a cellotaped heel but still plenty of appeal!

Laughing at myself: shoe broken – but heart exhilerated in sheer joy & completely adored – what more does a girl really need?

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