Posted by: nazli | February 4, 2006

breezy, beautiful, cover girl thoughts…

…to start off with – Manchester United won 4-2 against Fulham today!

…the sushi was delectable

…I was a vision in green – sight unseen – ocean between

…I know I meant to think breezy thoughts – but I simply must note what I read today. Around 1947 India/ Pakistan gained Independence from the British, a total of at least 12 million people, consisting of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs were displaced – the largest number in history. In addition, there were several brutals massacres. And how could I ever afford to complain about minor inconveniences or apparant setbacks? How could I? How temporary human life on earth, to be so inhuman. And as for me, how myopic of me to ever be self-pitying, in my relentless pursuit of being alive!

…back to breezy, beautiful, cover girl thoughts….

did you know that plasma is the 4th state of matter – the other 3 being of-course, solid, liquid & gas?…indeed!

…picked up a fashion magazine and opened to a random page. Let me share the sage advise: purple eye shadow is the rage and so are ponytails…how’s that for breezy cover girls thoughts?

ciao for now

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