Posted by: nazli | February 4, 2006

Age of Aquarius

Never have I taken astrology seriously – unless of-course, I like what I read. It makes little sense to me, because it is inconceivable that everyone born during a certain time of the year could be aligned the same way. Is the Creator not more creative?

However, if I recall, in my relentless pursuit of being alive, I am resolved to be open-minded…so here goes the “aquarius profile” from inStyle Magazine:

“You are quirky, outgoing, creative, and practically immune to peer pressure… (so far so good, except for the “quirky” bit)…on the other hand…focusing so intensely on your pet projects can leave loved ones feeling neglected (mmmhhh)…Stellar style, daring and original, you have a knack for creating your own look…others admire your playfulness and confidence…(probably)…Flirting comes naturally to bold Aquarians, but when faced with divulging true feelings, you use extreme caution (a “bold’ Aquarian? sounds familiar) Beware you don’t come off as too aloof while trying to guard your fragile heart from harm” (fragile heart? never! besides it is dearly safe).” Stars who are also Aquarians (other than me, I presume), Mischa Barton, Sheryl Crow, the formidable Oprah Winfrey (wow), and Paris Hilton (you see what I mean?)

Interestingly enough, apparantly, Aquarians are adored by Leos, Sagitarians, and Geminis – and for these 4 signs in particular, inStyle predicts a lovely day on the 17th. Mark your calendars!

Upon further research (I am a scientist after all), it seems that Leos especially have the greatest affinity for Aquarians, simply because they balance each other perfectly – this according to esteemed astrologers who study the stars and planets – I am only reporting. No scientific reason was given for this affinity, but perhaps it is because they are on the exact opposite end of this zodiac cycle?…Probably too much logic being expended in my minor exercise in open-mindedness.

signing off from the stars *** so long for now *** 😉

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