Posted by: nazli | February 3, 2006

spam, wham, sham

Alright, to rambunctious core of readers (whom I can count on my two fingers, including myself), I promised to keep it light, breezy, beautiful, cover girl…here goes..

light thoughts in my head – currently in my e-mail account, I have spam from the following entities:
Christian Singles (what, sabians need not apply?)
wind storm vacuum (what??)
Christian Loan Advise (I am going to call to see what they are offering)
Thicker Hair Genie (yikes???)
Gorgeous Elbows (now you are talking)
Christian dating (there’s a definite theme here)
Ponderosa R. W. Smith (bless)
Beautiful Babe (I may not be modest, but I am no luddite)
Dr Hittotomasinert (whatever his cure, I am afraid)
Do you have Thunder (Thunder? I don’t know…??)
Redeem-R-Us (oh heavens!)

Off for a spot of brunch now – more later on beautiful cover girl thoughts…


  1. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. it was a “spam” comment about free ipods that I deleted (can you beleive it). I am all for freedom of speech, especially on a blog – but spam!?! – no)

    now I have 2 faithful readers and a spammer!

  3. No viagra spam in your inbox? How do you manage that? I’m jealous.

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one being spammed by the Christian Singles! Why would they want to date me? I’m not a Christian, I’m married so dating is out of the question even if I were a Christian and I don’t want to date them anyway. I was tempted to email them back and suggest they date Jesus but then I remembered that he’s Jewish and I’m sure that won’t do. So now I just delete them…

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