Posted by: nazli | February 2, 2006


…was unimaginable

…whether or not, life is temporal or eternal, the fact remains that it has to lived – on one’s own terms, by one’s own conscience. People think one way is either right or it is wrong – but that is not true – everyone has their own way, every way is a way, every life is a means that serves a purpose- whether or not it is clear to us

…certainly this is from no scripture – (for culture, religion, and tradition are the roots of many wars) – but what I firmly belive more than ever

…human emotion is so strong that it drives a man to be ruthless and cruel on earth to find happiness in eternity. Why hell on earth, for heaven in eternity? They cease to see the reality, that no one human has any right over another – at all

…whenever something does not make sense, I remember that history is filled with stories of human suffering and triumph, or rebellion, and hate, and love – it is the way it is. Tomorrow is not promised – and today – I am inspired to live the life given to me on this earth – because if heaven is eternal, then it can wait

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