Posted by: nazli | February 1, 2006

That Which Shapes the World (good, bad, right, wrong…)

beautiful people , Donald Trump’s hair, anti-semitism, Islama phobia, fathers daughters, crazy rhetoric, human rights activists, cartoons casulties of war, raw emotions that overcome logic, the fuel for fame, the promise of heaven, Oscar buzz & outfits, “freedom”, big brother, families, Soccer World Cup, faith , race, fear, drugs, $, Oprah’s opinion, the other part of your heart, confidence, conscience …&…the lack of, truth …&…the lack of, bristling beliefs, making ends meet, education …vs…indoctrination, NYSE, foreign policies, the heart, pride & prejudice, jk rowling, oil, astrology…kismet(?)


  1. are you quite sur eyou’re not an ancient buddhist warrior? maybe with a bit of ancestor and earth worship thrown in? are you sure? well i am off and back to my world and way now but thanks for being out there. i enjoyed visiting. bye.

  2. indeed! an ancient buddhist warrior and the most avid manchester united fan 🙂

    this was a lovely comment, actually – thank you

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