Posted by: nazli | February 1, 2006

of heaven and earth

This morning I was driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that claimed, “don’t let the car fool you, my treasure is in heaven”. It amused me and I was happy to laugh.

Bumper stickers, you will never find on my car – but I do so enjoy reading them on other cars. Just like tattoos – heaven will freeze over (not that I know the average temperate in heaven) before I scar my skin with a tattoo – but I find them most interesting on others. Talking of which, what is the point of having one’s own name tattooed? In case of amnesia? They best hope then, that they don’t have the name of their high school sweetheart imprinted šŸ™‚

But back to the bumper sticker for minute: my amusement meandered to the natural Nazli pondering…it’s good to hope for heaven, as long as it does not preclude enjoying treasures while on earth…right?

Work hard, work smart – live in a mansion, drive a Porsche, look beautiful, travel and experience the world, love your family…treasures on earth.

Mmhh, all this suddenly sounds slightly self-righteous to me when I consider that many people simply do not have the physical or mental capacity to experience the aforementioned treasures on earth. Surely heaven is more than a hope for them. BUT – conversely, if one does have the mental and the physical capacity, it becomes them to embrace the treasures on earth…see my point? Excellent!

Oh…enough of such ponderings…must rush to a meeting. Cheers for now!

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