Posted by: nazli | January 30, 2006

My Neighbor Ron

is a retired shoemaker and he is the smartest guy in town.

Education is a focal point in my life and earning a doctorate was actually a necessary component for full membership into my family (till which time I was on probation). However, we all concede that a Ph.D. is but a primer – it does not necessarily mean smart or interesting or fearless or bold or wise (actually sometimes it seems to have the opposite effect).

Ron, is the subject today in my relentless pursuit of being alive. He is smarter and better informed about world affairs than any academic or politician I know. More importantly, he has this rare and admirable quality of thinking for himself. He is not sold by political rhetoric – he can process information with such thoughtfulness, depth, clarity, and compassion – that I think he would be the ideal candidate for the President of the United States. I tried to convince him to run – but he laughed and we continued to discuss the impact on the price of oil due to the impending world affairs.

Today, in my relentless pursuit of being alive, I am resolve and re-committed to think for myself. What this means is that I will consciously think from a logical perspective. Why? Because we are all influenced by our environment (social, professional, familial etc.) and by what affects us personally – and others can actually use this to their advantage. So since it is my personal agenda to relentlessly pursue being alive – on my own terms – not by the terms defined by dogma, preconceived notions about the world and it’s people, or the agendas & prejudices of others – I am inspired by my neighbor, Ron! I am inspired to balance my perspective.

Alright – so let me test myself – this story about a woman marrying a female dolphin initially gives me the impression that here is a desperate woman removed from reality – it’s one thing to love an animal, totally another to marry it. However, under my resolve of thinking logically & without prejudice, I should reconsider my perspective….I did…this woman is happy, the dolphin couldn’t care less, and it’s none of my business – so I can just laugh and not have an opinion at all.

Cheers for now!


  1. My Freudian Slips blog would say that a woman, who marries a dolphin, is looking for poipose in her life. smile.

  2. I do have to admire your analysis of the dolphin situation. Are we really sure that the dolphin couldn’t care less, though? It looked rather traumatised to me, suggesting it had been forced into this situation. Or do dolphins always look that way.

    Re rresidential candidates, I read an article on some chap by the name of 50cent (half dollar to his friends?) who wasn’t ruling out the possibility of running for president one day. apparently, he can’t repair shoes, though – he wears a new pair every day.

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