Posted by: nazli | January 29, 2006

Sunday Sunderings…

…yes it is true there is no such word as “sundering” but it sounded better than Sunday ponderings…besides, we all are allowed to make up words…

This afternoon, I sent my brother a text message with the results of the Manchester United game against Wolverhamptons for the FA Cup (3-0), and naturally I added, “I love you!” Ten minutes later, the response: “love you more”. 3 simple words that propelled me in my relentless pursuit of being alive.

And of-course, I was completely swept away in my relentless pursuit…on this journey… by the call – that utterly filled my heart with joy! Wow!

I looked in the mirror – indeed– still looking mighty gorgeous (but note, I have already given the credit to my parents for their quality genes)

Democracy: what is it? Is it one concept in the West, and another elsewhere? Does it really bring freedom to the people – and peace on Earth? The answer appears to be extremely complex – but from a lay person’s perspective, it seems very simple to me. Also, why the wrath of the ME people? Again it seems complex, but it occurs to me that the truth is actually simple. It is the convolution of years of spin and agendas that are complex. I sincerely believe that the hatred is not towards the normal, everyday American, or Western person – in fact many ME youngsters aspire to emulate western ways. But if you have taken the time to read this blog – I am going to assume you are thoughtful enough to think through what could cause such blinding rage. And I have found the best way to understand someone, is to imagine being in their shoes.

I did that this week – I imagined being in my father’s shoes – and I found that he was too great a man. I had much to learn, much to account for, much to respect – most importantly I found that indeed he was perfect to me, and that I had many lifetimes to live in order to be like him. I also remembered that it is his unbreakable love for me that makes me unbreakable. It matters…

Enron lawsuit tidings this week; I have watched the documentary “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” detailing Skilling and Lay and their arrogant endeavors to manipulate the world. They lied and lied and lied in the faces of respectable hardworking people. The SEC, smart Wall Street analysts, savvy investors accepted their “mark to market” accounting. No questions asked…just blind belief in people who act the part…you see my point. The truth is simple – it’s lies and agenda that complicate.

Lest you think I am being self-righteous – no, no. My pretty mother fed me the concept of ‘the truth is simple” from a young age. “But mom, I tripped on the rock, and looked up and saw the dog, it looked hungry and I had to give it my lunch milk”. And the lovely lady said, “Oh Nazli, you threw away your lunch milk – the truth is simple”.

New Orleans is on my mind. But more on that, once I have consolidated my thoughts – lofty as they may be.

And Google – censorship in China vs. the quest for democracy – this exercises some of my trendy grey matter. Mmhh…that question of democracy again? But enough “sunderings” for a Sunday.

Cheers. Enjoy your week! Here’s to a sunny day!


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