Posted by: nazli | January 27, 2006

…holocausts & humanity

…tough words to put together – but my best friend in the world reminded me that today is Holocaust Memorial Day and so I too say a heartfelt prayer for those Jewish families who were decimated by such unacceptable and cruel inhumanity. A shameful act of horror that can never be repeated…

….yet it is repeated, time and time again – right in front of our eyes

So let me not forget and also pray for the countless humans who were systematically slaughtered , as well as those hundreds of thousands of innocent Tutsis and Hutus of Rwanda, and those daily “casualties of war” – all in the last few decades. I forget these daily holocausts all the time, until, I am reminded by people with greater humanity than me – and it gives me pause to think – “it easily could have been me”.

God created man, and man created religion – and in my relentless pursuit of being alive, I have absolute faith in God and absolutely no faith in religion.

As for having faith in humanity – I do – because there are many who strive for such high ideals, and have beautiful lion hearts, and such compassion. And sometimes, just that one such person could change your world.

More thoughts later – now back to the presentation I have in an hour on information forensics!



  1. Let’s not forget the 3M plus non-Jews who also perished in the holocaust.

    London Sunday Times this weekend – Hutu war criminal from Rwanda living in southern England with family for past ten years. Why do we allow this?

  2. maddening!

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