Posted by: nazli | January 27, 2006

blinding rays to see…

This evening I was heading from the university to an imminently stressful meeting. As I drove, the sun was setting and I could see silhouettes of tall trees against a pink, orange and blue sky. The ethereal rays astounded me and for moments I forgot the meeting. As I turned the corner, I caught my smile in the rear view mirror. But ahead of me, I also noticed a student I often see on campus, who too had previously caught my attention. You see, he is blind, and he walks everywhere on his own and he always responds back with a confident hello that defies you to feel sorry or him. I had sensed that he does not want for anything.

Thus, as I drove towards this meeting that had temporarily erased my smile, it struck me – I had the pleasure of witnessing a breathtaking sunset and I had seen its effect in my spontaneous smile, so what in the world was I doing wasting a second dreading a mere meeting? I looked ahead and resolved to walk into the room with the genuine smile and warmth I felt towards Life. Just then, a favorite song started playing in the random cd selection, “I hope you dance”. That sealed the deal then – the stress dissipated my smile matched the rays of the sunset!

I walked into the meeting with the smile, and guess what? I was met back with a smile and disarmed warmth – and while still tough, the meeting was progressive.

So today, in my relentless pursuit of being alive, it took the force of nature, and the undaunted spirit of a young man to revive my perspective.

Oh and I also learnt today, in my healthy pursuit, that there is some terrible virus that is designed to erase files on your system on Feb 3. The positive – at least we know about it ahead of time and Symantec is offering a free download to help fend off this malicious threat.

…cheers for now and take good care 😉

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