Posted by: nazli | January 22, 2006

reality mirroring mathematical principle: Manchester United

When I teach Discrete Maths, I introduce Permutations & Combinations with an example of Manchester United Football Club playing (and winning) against their arch rivals, Liverpool. I should note that in many cases, it also serves as an introduction to the students of this the football/ soccer phenomenon that is alight in other parts of the world.
So, January 22, 2006, here is reality mirroring mathematical principle: the best team in the world, Manchester United wins 1-0 over its staunch rivals, the commendable Liverpool. The 90th minute header by our defender, Rio Ferdinand has officially absolved him of all the misgivings I have harbored towards our mercurial but brilliant defender all season. To top it, Ferdinand also made a truly remarkable save from the brink of the goal post. To say I am elated would possibly be an understatement! But let me have the broadness of heart to say that Liverpool is the worthy opponent to the worthiest team – thus the victory is all the sweeter 🙂

(picture from – NealSimpson/Empics)

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