Posted by: nazli | November 27, 2005

The Shoes

There was once a man who was so poor that he had no shoes. He lamented this fact and thought, “oh how awful my luck is, no one could be unhappier than me! How terrible life is to me, that I am denied the lowest of needs like shoes!” One Friday he went to pray – normally people left their shoes outside before entering the prayer hall – and of-course it reminded him of his misfortune in life. And then he saw a man who moved into the hall without removing his shoes – for he had no legs on which to place shoes.

And so our friend stopped his useless lamenting, thanked God for his priceless fortune – he focused, worked harder, felt happier, made lots of money and bought a closet full of shoes including Manolo Blahniks

And with his new zest for living, he bought mansions with lush carpets on which he walked bare feet, became famous, and contributed generously to orphanages

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